Available Version


The solution for customers already having a dashboard, that want to use AI-Dash-Pro for collecting and exporting data

  • Multi-Tenant Architecture, with 3 levels of users
  • Data storing and exporting through CSV files
  • Real time alert in case of a device disconnection
  • Visualization of the images associated to the events,for visual verification


Home personalisation and charts visualisation

  • Possibility of personalizing the home page
  • Tabular and graphical visualization of the data
  • Tabular and graphical visualization of aggregated sensors and counters
  • Forwarding of the events to third party servers
  • Exporting of the data in csv/jpeg/pdf


Comparisons and integration with POS and weather. It’s a matter of integration

  • Integration with wheatear data
  • Conversion Rate through the integration with the POS
  • Comparison among different sites
  • Comparison of a site in different time intervals
  • Heatmap visualization and comparison


Receive each day a pdf report with the data of your business

  • Integration with 3rd party systems through open API
  • Periodic exports in pdf reports
  • Re-sync mechanism with the plugins on board of the cameras
  • Managing of devices on the map





  • SECURITY Vertical allows to manage the alarms, by transforming your dashboard into an EMS
  • PARKING Vertical allows to manage your closed parking
  • Know your car wash by analyzing the vehicles entering into your tunnel. It can be achieve thanks to the CAR WASH Vertical

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