When you buy a high-tech product, whether hardware or software, you are buying much more than what you touch with your hands. What you are buying is also the invaluable scientific an technologic expertise of the people who designed those products. For High Tech companies, this value lies in the scientific and technological authority of the R&D team that transforms state-of-the-art solutions, which appear at the most prestigious conferences, into highly innovative, high-performance products and the ability to adapt them quickly to the needs of the customer and the market in general.

We ask you to invest ten minutes of your time to appreciate the investments made by A.I. Tech in terms of R&D, to understand how the team is made up, what experience it has and what are its references!

At the end of the day, with our products, you are buying everything we are about to present to you.

Our strength

Are you curious to know our great advantage over our competitors? The most remarkable one is that we have internal scientific research, which means that our products are the most advanced in the world and can evolve rapidly to meet the needs of the market and our customers! Is this also true for our competitors? Check if they are active in the world of research, it’s easy to do!
The founding members of A.I. Tech are five university professors, leaders in the international scientific landscape of computer vision, with over 500 international scientific publications of very high impact, as you can see from their CVs! The team is joined by several Ph.D. experts in the same fields who contribute to the design of the intelligent systems that power our solutions, drawing directly on the most advanced research results. The team is further strengthened by software engineers who implement and develop the systems using the most up-to-date development techniques.

Our strategy

Investment in research and active participation in international scientific research on Artificial Intelligence represent the innovation of the solutions AI. Tech proposes; research as a driving force allows us to propose a very wide variety of edge-cutting solutions and to keep them continuously updated and adapted to the most demanding customer requirements.

Our Vision

The availability of emerging computational models of Deep Learning is combined with the boom in camera manufactured with advanced computational powers. A.I. Tech has focused on Deep and converted all its applications, basing them on deep neural networks trained on large amounts of data. This has resulted in recognition performances that were unthinkable. The systems are now less sensitive to variations in scene, light and conditions. Moreover, by using proprietary deep networks, suitably optimised and engineered, it is possible to obtain performances very close to those of the best deep networks, but with hundreds of times less computational resources required.

A.I. Tech also allows access to the deep world using the AI-Appliance or the innovative VideoAnalysis As a Service platform.


A.I. Tech is directly involved in scientific research in the field of artificial vision with partnerships of prime importance. The following are the main research projects in which we are actively part of, and which are already helping to improve our products.

SAFE-AI is a research project approved in 2018 as part of the “Programma Operativo Nazionale (PON) Imprese e competitività 2014-2020 FESR” (National Operational Programme (NOP) Enterprise and Competitiveness 2014-2020). Its aims to use the potential of semantic technologies, combined with deep learning, in order to improve the performance of traditional video surveillance systems, and in particular of tracking algorithms.
And so, in a market where people started talking about Deep Learning and Knowledge Based approaches between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, A.I. Tech already in 2017 (when it wrote the project) had sensed its importance and had already started a line of research in this area. Do you remember our motto? “The vision of the future. Now.”


A tracking algorithm allows the trajectory of a moving object to be extracted through the automatic processing of a sequence of images. Semantic technologies and its knowledge-based approaches are used together with information computed by deep learning algorithms in order to improve the performance of traditional tracking algorithms.


C4E (Crowd for the Environment) is a research project approved in 2018 by MIUR within the framework of the PNR “2015-2020” industrial research programme. Its objective is to monitor territory in order to prevent illegal waste disposal. It makes use of advanced technologies that acquire data from heterogeneous sources, such as social and websites, remote sensing satellites, sensor networks, fixed and mobile video surveillance systems.


A.I. Tech’s contribution to this project concerns the design of advanced artificial vision algorithms capable of automatically processing images acquired by video surveillance cameras already present on the territory or by mobile cameras installed on drones, in order to detect waste and fires and identify offenders.



A.I. Tech actively participates in scientific research activities in collaboration with the University of Salerno and several other European universities (ENSICAEN, France; University of Groningen, Holland; University of Tours, France) and, in this context, hosts foreign trainees and has contributed to the following publications:


A.I. Tech builds its reputation on the field. The R&D department, which includes the most advanced scientific expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Vision, transforms know-how into effective, state-of-the-art products. Our value is to have the know-how inside the company, ready to be used to improve products or extend them to meet specific customer requirements.

Reputation is not only about the quality of research and the products we list, but about the whole chain that reaches the end user. “Customer in the loop” is our motto: supporting the customer and the system integrator in the process of setting up the service. Have a look at what they say about us.
And so, year after year, A.I. Tech, thanks to the enormous innovation and investment in scientific research, receives awards and recognitions that represent the great added value that the customer acquires with our products.


The network of relationships with other companies and market players helps to increase our value and that of our solutions. This is especially true the more we are mutually connected. AI Tech products are technologically integrated with the cameras of the largest international manufacturers, with the vms of the most prestigious brands and, more generally, with system integrators, making available the most widespread protocols in the IoT field.

On this page you will find a brief description of the collaborations we have in the various fields with their respective aims.