On this page you will find a description of the Platforms of products and services that AI Tech offers in the various fields. The organisation of the multitude of products in the various platforms stems from the need to group them by purpose and application areas. It goes without saying that some products may appear on more than one platform as they can be used in different contexts. The browsing by platform allows to have a complete and organic vision of all the solutions that AI Tech provides in a specific application field.


The AI-Smart platform is the constellation of all the plugins that collect data from images and videos. Biometric data from people’s faces (gender, age, emotion), Data of people’s movement (position, trajectories, people counting and crowding) and abnormal behaviour (crossing virtual lines, entering prohibited areas, fires), Traffic data (classification of vehicles, speed estimation, identification of number plate, model and make) and traffic violations (running red lights, wrong-way vehicle), Parking occupancy data.


The AI-Dash platform is the collector of all the data recorded by the plugins of the A.I. Smart constellation. Statistical data analysis to always have at hand the history of what happened in our application domain, aggregating events and displaying them with reports that can be customised by the customer. Trend and predictive analysis that projects the history into the future trends that the data reveal: business intelligence is in your hands, the synthesis that individual data hide but that you need for your business.


The AI-Appliance platform allows you to have everything you need even if your infrastructure does not have up-to-date cameras and servers. Artificial Intelligence software technology is growing too fast to be kept up with by hardware systems. We provide you with the ability to use it all the time without having to throw away your system or your solution that is already a few years old. Integrate the computational power you need by adding A.I. Appliances: you will get low cost computing power specifically designed to support our constellation of plugins and even A.I. Dash in an embedded and local version.


The AI-VaS platform is the latest achievement of A.I. Tech. Deep learning improves its performance day by day, yet to imagine frequently updating plugins and hardware when they become out of date would not be possible. So switch at no cost to A.I. Vas the solution that keeps you up to date: intelligent analysis is done on our secure, high-performance servers with constantly updated deep algorithms. The VaS Ready plugins send the images to the server in real time and the recognition is sent back to the camera and your Dash. Does this seem odd to you? When you talk to your mobile phone with the voice assistant the same thing happens. Your voice is sent to a server where there is a recognition software that identifies the command and sends it back to the mobile phone. The VaS paradigm is also applied in this case.

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