AI-DashPRO is the Event Management System (EMS) developed by A.I. Tech to collect, aggregate, analyse and display the events produced by all your smart devices, such as the cameras on which our video analytics applications are installed. With AI-DashPRO all your data is just a click away, you choose what to display and how, according to your needs. AI-DashPRO allows you to manage systems of any size, from a small shop to a city by providing customisable views specifically designed to monitor crowded areas, stations, car parks and even airports.

The more your business grows, the more AI-DashPRO will become an invaluable companion.


AI-DashPRO is able to receive events from all your IoT devices thanks to support for HTTP and MQTT communication protocols. You are not limited to the data generated by our video analytics applications, any smart device can send data to AI-DashPRO.


AI-DashPRO allows you to define rules to aggregate data collected from multiple devices and handle them as if they were generated by a single device. Think about a system where several cameras frame the same environment, thanks to AI-DashPRO I could immediately obtain the average number of people framed by all the cameras or the average occupancy of the environment.


AI-DashPRO provides a wide range of ways to visualise the collected data, you can choose between different types of graphs, tables and maps. In addition, you are not bound to preset visualisations, in AI-DashPRO you decide what you want to see, e.g. you can compare data collected from several devices at different time intervals.


AI-DashPRO allows you to easily export your data in CSV and PDF formats. You can quickly export a graph or table and store it or use it in your reports, or, thanks to the CSV format, you can easily import the collected data into a spreadsheet.

 Generate Reports

AI-DashPRO allows you to configure daily or weekly reports containing data from the devices of your interest in the form of tables, graphs or images. In addition, you can customise the header of your reports, receive them by e-mail and store them in AI-DashPRO.


AI-DashPRO can be easily integrated with third-party systems in your installation thanks to support for FTP, HTTP, SMTP and MQTT protocols. In addition, it supports the main Video Management Systems such as Milestone or Hanwha Wave. Furthermore, web-based OpenAPIs allow other systems to make requests directly to AI-DashPRO.

Send Alarms

AI-DashPRO can be configured to alert you upon receiving a particular event or sequence of events from one or more smart devices. Alarms can be forwarded by e-mail, or to other systems in your installation supported by AI-DashPRO integration protocols, such as VMS.


AI-DashPRO is able to monitor the status of the devices on which the A.I. Tech video analytics applications are installed. In this way, you can receive notifications via e-mail in the event of a camera disconnection, avoiding data loss and intervening promptly on possible damaged devices.


AI-DashPRO is fully customisable, you can configure your home page by selecting the devices you want to have at your fingertips, you can insert your company logo, choose the report header and much more.


AI-DashPRO is available in four versions with increasing functionality, choose the one that best suits your needs.


The Entry version is designed for small installations that only need to manage a few rooms. In this version it is possible to use all the basic features of AI-DashPRO such as collecting and aggregating data from several devices, exporting them in CSV format and managing several user accounts with different data access privileges. However, data visualisation is limited to single events received from devices and it is not possible to generate graphs, tables or reports.


The Basic version is an evolution of the Entry version, still for small systems, but richer in features such as the possibility of displaying graphs and tables, customising the home page, aggregating data from several devices and exporting data in all supported formats. In addition, starting from the basic version you can configure AI-DashPRO to forward alarms and events to third party systems in your installation.


The Professional version is designed for users who need to manage medium and large installations. It has all the features of the Entry and Basic versions, but also allows you to integrate, aggregate and compare data collected from multiple locations, such as several points of sale. In addition, you can receive data from weather services and use them on your charts, or add notes on particular days of the year by using a calendar to associate collected data with events or holidays. Finally, there are advanced visualisations such as the Heatmap, which allows you to see, for example, which shelves or areas your customers spend the most time shopping.


The Enterprise version adds all the most advanced features to the Professional version, such as the ability to synchronise device data in case of connectivity loss, display of devices on maps, periodic report generation and the possibility to communicate via openAPIs. This version also provides features designed for smart cities such as parking management and monitoring of crowded areas such as metro stations.

Feature Entry Basic Professional Enterprise
Multi-tenant architecture      
3 levels of user with access to data    
Storing and exporting data in CSV    
Notifications in case of device disconnection    
Single sensor graphs      
Aggregate sensor graphs    
Multiple sensors graphs      
Event routing via HTTP, Email and FTP    
Device disconnection alerts    
Comparative graphs (different sensors from different locations)    
Integration with weather forecasts    
POS integration for conversion rate    
Data export and periodic events    
On-map device management  
API to extract data via third-party services  









Choose whether you prefer to host AI-DashPRO on your own servers or benefit from our cloud offers.


If you have an installation with a server suitable for hosting AI-DashPRO you can request the Self-Hosted version.


If you do not have the possibility to install AI-DashPRO on your servers you can rely on the AI-Tech cloud.