“Customer in the loop’ is our motto. A.I. Tech supports its partners from system proposal and design, up to deployment. What tools does A.I. Tech provide for its customers? Let’s find out together.

Site Planning

One of the most complex and time consuming questions you will have to answer when undertaking a video analysis project is: How many cameras should I install? And what is the maximum target detection distance for my specific problem?

AI-DESIGNER, the design tool that supports you in positioning the cameras on the map, helps you answer these questions: choose the camera, choose the video analysis plugin you want to activate on that camera and position the camera on the map. That’s it. The camera cone will be calculated automatically.

If you choose to realise a project that requires video analysis on a server, the hardware specs of the required server can also be calculated automatically.

Training courses

Attend our training course completely free of charge from the comfort of your desk. One tech-sales lesson and seven technical lessons, over 35 videos at your disposal that will provide you with the basics of video analysis, and all the details to configure the 20+ A.I. Tech video analysis plugins. Just get started by accessing our technical training platform.


Download the products by accessing our partner portal: over 400 packages available for the 20+ supported platforms (server, edge and embedded).


Knowing the installation and environmental constraints of each product is key to obtaining the best performance from each video analysis plugin. Before proposing products to your customers, read the disclaimer and check that the constraints are met. Optimise the performance of your video analysis plugin! All disclaimers can be found in our technical overview portal.

Online Users Manual

All user manuals are now available for online access. How to install plugins on the different platforms? How to configure them? What about the dashboard? You will find all the details you need in our technical overview portal.