Some of the functionalities offered by A. I. Tech’s products are also available as cloud services, thanks to the AI-VaS platform, accessible from any device capable of transmitting images via the standard HTTPs protocol.


In particular, it is possible to use two types of services:

  • Detection Services (AI-VaS-D): services that aim to detect objects of interest within the provided image; given an image, these return the list of detected objects (of a specific category of interest), together with their position within the image, as well as a count value. The object category depends on the specific service chosen.
    • People Detection Service: detection of people within the image or specific areas of interest. This service can be used for crowd estimation, people counting or even for assessing the presence of people in areas where access is not allowed.
    • Vehicle Detection Service: detection of vehicles and their classification (cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes and bicycles). This detection can be carried out within the entire image or only in specific areas of interest. Detected vehicles can be further processed using vehicle classification services (to obtain the make and model of a vehicle) or using the LPR service (to obtain the vehicle’s number plate).
    • Face Detection Service: detection of faces within an image or an area of interest defined within the image; this service can be used if you need to count faces or even if you need to detect faces within the scene and then perform the relevant analysis to identify static traits (such as gender, age and ethnicity) and dynamic traits (such as emotions). This analysis can be done using the Face Analysis service. For each face detected, this service also can determine whether there is a mask covering the face.
  • Classification Services (AI-VaS-C): services that aim to classify the object of interest. There are two possible inputs: (1) the entire image together with a box that identifies the position of the specific object to be classified within the image itself. (2) just the portion of the image to be analysed. In both cases, what is analysed is the “patch”, i.e. the portion of the image related to the object of interest.
    • Vehicle Classification Service: starting from a vehicle patch, it provides the class to which it belongs among the following: car, truck, motorbike, bus and bicycle.
    • LPR Service: starting from a vehicle patch, it provides the relative number plate.
    • Face Analysis Service: from a face patch, provides an assessment of gender, ethnicity, emotional state and age.
    • Parking Service: from a parking space patch, it analyses the occupancy status of a parking space (free or occupied).


The cost of these services depends on the number of images per month that you need to process, as well as the resolution of those images (for detection services). Contact us and find out which is the best solution for your needs.
Additional detection and classification services can be designed and developed on demand for specific projects. A.I. Tech works with you to meet all your needs. We are The Vision of The Future. Now.