Ad-Hoc solutions

Detect abnormal behavior

A.I. Tech designs and manufactures solutions based on the most modern machine learning technologies and pattern recognition, optimized to work on embedded platforms, capable of detecting abnormal events by analyzing the motion information extracted from wearable devices.

Analysis of photovoltaic systems

A drone, equipped with a thermal camera, flying over a photovoltaic system. An intelligent video analysis system automatically analyzes the image sequence, detecting thermal anomalies on the panel that cause decay in energy efficiency.

Monitoring unattended pack

When a traditional system of video analysis for the detection of unattended objects is not enough, AI-Pack solves the problem. The solution designed ad-hoc by A.I. Tech is capable, in indoor environments, to identify the presence boxes abandoned for a period longer than 8 hours of a working day.

Pedestrian detector

AI-Pedestrian identifies particular types of intrusions, related to the presence of people crossing an area of interest in which only vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles are allowed.
All this with no need for an external server, but directly on the room, thanks to the most advanced modern computer vision techniques.

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