The plugins that you can use in Smart Retail applications are designed to meet the need for great versatility so that you can combine them according to your needs. They are designed using the most modern Artificial Intelligence methods and developed by optimising the code in such a way that, for the same functionality provided and image resolution, they are much faster.

One of their special features is that they can be used on multiple hardware platforms: edge side (on cameras), server side, or on the AI Appliance platform. Their integrability is practically unlimited, as they support most of the communication protocols used today, such as MTTQ, FTP, MQTT and many others.


AI-BIO is the video analytics application able to detect faces and distinguish the gender, estimate the age and recognize the emotion (in a specific instant of time) of one or more persons using deep neural networks.
In addition, AI-BIO can provide the dwell time of a person in front of the camera.
The analysis of the face to anonymously extract biometrics features is performed through an advanced artificial intelligence technique based on multitask learning.
The application requires that the camera is mounted at a height of about 1.80 meters, so that people’s faces are captured frontally.


AI-CROWD-DEEP allows to estimate the number of people present within an area; this is done by using the most advanced vision and artificial intelligence algorithms, combined with a deep neural network capable of detecting people within the scene. It can also generate an alarm in case of overcrowding situations (i.e. the number of people in an area is above a certain threshold), in case of gatherings or when the social distance between people is not respected. AI-CROWD-DEEP can be used both indoors and outdoors, and guarantees accuracy and recall of more than 90%.


AI-PEOPLE is the video analytics app to count people at the gates.
The app doesn’t limit the number of virtual sensors and can count multiple crossings in the same or different directions (using one sensor per direction), as well as people with backpacks, luggage or shopping trolleys.
The app is available in two versions: AI-PEOPLE, based on traditional video analytics algorithms that can work both indoor and outdoor, and AI-PEOPLE-DEEP using the most advanced detection algorithms based on deep learning capable of achieving an accuracy of 98% and designed only for indoor environments. Both apps require the use of a camera positioned in the top view.



AI-APPLIANCE-DIGITAL-SIGNAGE (or simply AI-APPLIANCE-DS) is the integrated hardware and software solution by A.I. Tech designed to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.It consists of a small box equipped with a GPU, and allows you to capture the video stream from a camera installed near a monitor and process it in real time using the AI-BIO video analysis app.
Nowadays, monitors displaying advertising content are becoming more popular.
However, such contents are static in the sense that they do not depend on the specific person who is watching it.
AI-APPLIANCE-DS allows instead to maximize the efficiency of such advertising campaigns, through the customization of the specific content to be shown on screen on the basis of the specific person who is watching the monitor at that moment.
It becomes possible (as an example) to show a toy advertisement if a child is watching the monitor, or a motorcycle advertisement if an adult is watching the monitor.


Thanks to the use of the most advanced artificial vision algorithms, AI-HEAT analyses the movement of objects moving within the scene and identifies the areas of greatest interest (hot spots) and the areas of least interest (dead areas), this is achieved thanks to a heatmap-based visualisation. AI-HEAT can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.


AI-CROWD-COUNTING is a video analytics application based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to accurately estimate the number of people in highly crowded contexts. This solution can operate effectively even in situations with thousands or even tens of thousands of people.

AI-CROWD-COUNTING completes the features in AI-CROWD-DEEP by providing an additional tool for managing high crowding situations.
Furthermore, it can be integrated with AI-DASH to store and analyze historical and aggregate information.

AI-CROWD-COUNTING can send overcrowding alarms to third-party systems using standard network protocols and to over 10 Video Management Systems.