New updates for the A.I. Tech products

The technical team never stops. We are working to keep the video analysis products of A.I. Tech on top.

On February 10th a new version was released. Let’s find out all the new features:

– System Update v1.4 (for plugins in server or embedded version)

  • Display of all the licensed features, including those related to the notification mechanisms of the enabled events
  • System log mechanism improved
  • Added the possibility to obtain streams through UDP protocol, usefull for network with a lot of noise and to aquire the stream with VLC


– Plugins Update v2.6

  • Ability to display the foreground mask (containing moving objects) superimposed on the image inside the configurator
  • Wisenet Wave VMS integration
  • Wisenet SSM VMS integration
  • Avigilon VMS integration through POS license
  • Milestone VMS integration improved, with the adding of bounding box on the image of the event of interest
  • Diagnostic tools for the applications added
  • System log mechanism improved
  • [ADD ON] Elimination of the DASH version applications. Now the embedded dashoard is activated by license on each “basic” application
  • [ADD ON] Ability to pilot applications via software (through CGI requests)
  • [ADD ON] Ability to let different applications communicate (applications can be activated in cascade)
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