AI-RAIL finalist in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2024

For the 7th consecutive year, one of the video analytics solutions of A.I. Tech has been selected by Benchmark Magazine, the unquestioned reference magazine in the security market, as finalists of the Innovation Awards 2024, in the category “Analytics and Software Innovation“.

AI-RAIL, a new product in the portfolio of A.I. Tech, has been selected as one of the finalist solutions for the year 2024. AI-RAIL is the video analysis application based on advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms for the safety of railways through the detection of
obstacles on the railways tracks. The application is also able to identify the presence of trains passing on the tracks and deactivate itself dynamically; it is also possible to activate and deactivate the application dynamically via software (API) or via hardware (via I/O device), for example to prevent the app from generating alarms while the rail
crossing is open, and therefore allows the passage of vehicles without any restrictions.
AI-RAIL can be used both for monitoring rail crossings, in order to verify that they are clear, and near tunnels or rocky ridges, where the danger of falling rocks is substantial.

In 2018 A.I. Tech won the award (thanks to the AI-RETAIL solution), and its solutions have always been among the finalists, often runner-up, in the successive years (AI-PARKING in 2019, AI-DASH-PRO in 2020, AI-FACEDETECT in 2021, AI-PPE in 2022 and AI-INTRUSION in 2023).

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