Video analysis: discover the news of the release 2.6.5

High technological competence, a careful look at the market and customers’ demands, and the attention focused on the technologies and needs of the future are what makes A.I.Tech the unique and definitive choice for your video analysis projects.

After the launch of AI-DASH-PRO and AI-TRAFFIC the traffic monitoring solution, these are the new features introduced in the latest release (2.6.5) of the 20 video analysis plugins, available from 1 November 2018:

  • More accurate background update, thanks to an innovative algorithm based on self-learning designed by A.I.Tech, which guarantees greater stability even in extremely complex scenarios.
  • Introduction of an innovative shadow removal algorithm for effective detection with different lighting conditions.
  • Ability to work not only at 1CIF resolution, but also at 4CIF resolutions with edge side applications, supporting 5 different possibilities, to be chosen based on the specific camera model (and therefore the specific optics): 320×180, 320×240, 640×360, 640×480 and 720×576. The last 3 are available with the ADD-ON 4CIF. This feature allows you to detect objects more precisely, even at high distances from the camera.
  • Possibility to pause the video stream on the configurator and then restart it if necessary, to simplify the configuration and, above all, the calibration of the algorithms, even without a second operator to support who is configuring.
  • Correction of the actual size of an object by further erosion. Therefore, the application of the morphological operators allows to remove the noise with the first erosion, to then correctly identify the box around the object of interest with the expansion and recover the actual dimensions with the second erosion.

A dynamic technical team, at the forefront and always at work to meet all your needs is what you need.

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