AI-Intrusion-PTZ: how to smartly drive PTZ cameras


Do you have a PTZ camera where the auto-tracking is activated but you are not satisfied with the results?

Don’t you know how to configure the minimum and maximum dimensions of the object that you need to chase due to a very deep view? Have you noticed that, in the case of variable lighting conditions (for example in the presence of a lamp or window), the camera chases the light and not the person and it will continue to do so (erroneously!) over and over again? Have you decided to make your on board camera car-tracking plugin more intelligent and reliable?

Then, AI-Intrusion plugin with the PTZ add-on of A.I. Tech (AI-Intrusion-PTZ) is what you need. Thanks to AI-Intrusion-PTZ, you can drive the PTZ camera both in handover mode (i.e. with a context camera that frames the scene and the PTZ camera that zooms in, on the details) and with the only PTZ camera, which moves from the HOME position to specific presets in case of presence of one or more people.

How does it work?

  • The camera is in the HOME position and the video analysis plugin of A.I. Tech (AI-Intrusion-PTZ) is in RUNNING mode (i.e. it is running and works to search for objects of interest, such as people, vehicles or animals)
  • If AI-Intrusion-PTZ detects the presence of an object of interest, it enables the zoom of the PTZ camera, which moves on the specific PRESET where the object of interest is located. AI-Intrusion-PTZ is consequently in PAUSE mode.
  • After a few minutes (configurable beforehand from the human operator), the camera returns to HOME position and AI-Intrusion-PTZ in RUNNING mode. In this way, any errors that might happen in the auto tracking are mitigated and therefore the risk of losing important passages of other objects that could enter the scene are reduced drastically.

To watch the functionality in action, visit our youtube channel!

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