AI-Book: an A.I. Tech world overview


After the announce of the new features introduced in the latest release [2.6.5] of the 20 video analysis plugins, (as November 1, 2018), the team of A.I. Tech, launched the AI-Book.

An E-Book that collects, explains and illustrates all the technical characteristics of each individual A.I. Tech product. All the products are subdivided by their own veritcal market of reference, so as to make even more clear the idea of ​​the innumerable solutions that A.I. Tech can offer with the plugins developed by its technical team, always up to date using the latest technologies offered by the market.

Without forgetting that on any occasion the developers of the technical team A.I. Tech can create an ad-hoc solution for every need.

To complete, at the end of the accurate presentation of our plugins, obviously could not miss what completes the “circle”, which transforms the set of video analysis plugins into a solution, a “total solution”: the dashboards for data management, AI-Dash Pro and AI-Dash Embedded.

… we do not want to ruin the surprise by giving you other clues …


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