Early fire detection based on Deep Learning: AI-FIRE-DEEP and AI-SMOKE-DEEP.

The amazing A.I. Tech team never stops! Only a few months after its launch, two new products join the DEEP-VISION product line, namely AI-FIRE-DEEP and AI-SMOKE-DEEP.

These products are the newest addition to the DEEP-VISION line, the A.I. Tech product line entirely based on deep learning. DEEP-VISION already included the solutions for traffic monitoring (AI-ROAD3D, AI-INCIDENT e AI-TRAFFIC), for biometric analysis and for marking monitoring (AI-PARKING).

Deep learning is the latest technology in the field of Artificial Intelligence: it is, quite literally, a “deep learning”: the deep-learning based algorithms create statistical models of learning (and for this very reason “deeper”) working “by examples”. In other words, we provide the network with examples of the categories to learn (for instance, an image with a flame inside and a flameless one); then, the network simulates the human brain functioning when comparing these categories. These deep networks have been designed by A.I. Tech R&D Team in order to be equally efficient and accurate, the best solution on the market up to today. These solutions are so high-performing that they allow the video analytic plugin to work directly on board of the camera, no GPU required. These deep networks have been designed by A.I.Tech’s R&D team in order to be as efficient as accurate, the best tradeoff the market can ask for. High-performance, such that in some cases it is still possible for the video analytics plugins to work directly on board of the camera, without requiring any GPU.

In particular, the two new A.I. Tech plugins, AI-FIRE-DEEP and AI-SMOKE-DEEP, can be used to ensure the safety through the early detection and localization of flames (AI-FIRE-DEEP) and smoke (AI-SMOKE-DEEP), respectively.

There are several fields of application in which this new video analytics solution can be used successfully. In a smart city, for instance to detect fires in forests and parks; in landfills, to detect waste fires; in airports and railway stations, to protect travelers and property.

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