New add-on combines video analysis and privacy needs


Starting from today all A.I. Tech plugins can be empowered by a new add-on: Masking.

Designed to meet the requirements of the GDPR, the masking add-on allows to visualize the camera video stream so that moving objects inside the scene are masked by blurring or overlay.

The video stream can still be stored on the NVR or VMS without masking (thus allowing to identify the moving objects), but the surveillance operator will not be able to identify the people.

However, in case of emergency and if given the required permission, the operator will still be able to visualize the identity of the people.

Four different masking options will be available, according to the customer’s specific needs and liking.

It secures the need for privacy and in the meantime allows an automatic analysis of the video stream, with the aid of the different A.I. Tech plugins. In fact, the add-on Masking can be added to every A.I. Tech plugins, whether it is meant for the retail, security, street or city monitoring .

To see it in action, visit our youtube channel!

Can’t wait to try it? Get in touch with our team and ask for your demo license.

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