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Here at A.I. Tech we have ended 2019 with an updated version of our dashboard, with more and more functionalities. Let’s have a look at the improvements and the new features of this version, AI-DASH-PRO v 1.13.

Health monitoring: already available in the previous versions, it allows the user to get real-time information on the status of the devices and possibly receive alarms in case of device disconnection. All of this is made possible by an Heartbeat mechanism between video analytic plugin and dashboard. In addition to this, the new version allows the user to get historical data on the device status, calculating the time percentage of disconnection; this allows the user to detect any potential network issues.

  • Resync: have you ever wondered what happens if the device (camera, AI-Appliance or server) where your plugin is running is disconnected from the network for a long period of time? With the new re-synch mechanism, now fully automated, the plugin periodically asks to the dashboard the list of event received and re-sends those the dashboard didn’t receive. To use this feature the joint use of AI-DASH-PRO and the dashboard embedded (AI-DASH-EMBEDDED), enabled on the video analytic plugins, is required.
  • Wave integration: up to today, when an alarm occurred it was possible to visualize one or more images associated to the event of interest. Now you can do a lot more: in fact, if your VMS is Wave or Network Optix, you can visualize a link to the video stream of the event of interest stored directly on the recording server.
  • HeatMap visualization improvements: a new range of colors and an advanced visualization mode provide an improved view of the heatmap.
  • Bookmarks: in the homepage, in addition to the daily graphs, you can also add favorite graphs of data related to different time intervals.
  • Advanced data exporting : in addition to the reporting via email, you can also export all of the data associated to a device (events and when possible, also images). This feature is particularly useful when the user wishes to delete a device (possibly to connect a new camera) without losing data associated to it.

“Our goal is to be responsive to the market’s demand and needs. AI-DASH-PRO is one of our top products, as it takes the video analysis to the next level, providing our clients with a solution rather than a mere product.” This is the statement of the Sales Manager in Salerno HQ, who has also added: “The 2020 holds many exciting news for our customers. We will keep on surprising them one day after another, as we always do. Stay Tuned!”

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