AI-CROWD-DEEP: crowd estimation based on Deep Learning

AI-CROWD-DEEP is the new product of the DEEP VISION products line and it is fully based on deep learning. It is the last product, born from the wide experience of the A.I. Tech team on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision algorithms.  

AI-CROWD-DEEP is able to estimate the number of people in an area, even in very crowded situations or in conditions where the camera is in motion. Thanks to the ability to distinguish people from other objects in the scene, AI-CROWD-DEEP can be used both indoors, for instance in the retail, business intelligence and transportation areas, or in outdoor environments, such as in smart cities.  

AI-CROWD-DEEP strengthens the DEEP-VISION product line, already made up of 6 different products designed for the smart city, business intelligence and security markets (AI-BIO, AI-PARKING, AI-FIRE, AI-SMOKE , AI-ROAD3D, AI-INCIDENT).  

From the headquarter in Salerno, the sales management comments as follows: “AI-CROWD-DEEP is the further demonstration of how the A.I. Tech team is capable of combining over thirty years of experience in the field of artificial vision and artificial intelligence, with knowledge and competence on the most modern technologies available on the market today, such as those based on deep learning.”  

AI-CROWD-DEEP will be available in the price list starting from May 1, 2020. Preview your demo license, you could be the first to try it.

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