A.I. Tech video analytics vs covid19

A.I. Tech, an Italian company specialised in the design and implementation of cutting-edge video analysis solutions, offers its customers an integrated video analysis solution able to deal with the coronavirus-related emergency and prepare for the “new normality”.

⛔ AI-CROWD-DEEP is the video analysis plugin that, using traditional surveillance cameras, even already installed, allows to estimate the number of people, to generate an alarm in case of overcrowding situations and to identify situations in which social distances are not respected. AI-CROWD-DEEP is based on advanced deep learning algorithms designed by the A.I. Tech team and does not require the use of servers equipped with GPU.
? https://www.aitech.vision/en/products/ai-crowd-deep/

⛔ AI-PEOPLE is the plugin which, thanks to the use of a camera installed with a zenithal view, counts people crossing through the gates, identifying their direction of walking. Thanks to the integration of AI-PEOPLE with AI-DASH-PRO, the A.I. Tech dashboard, it is possible to aggregate data coming several cameras, one installed on each gate, to count the entering and exiting people and to know in real time the number of people inside the building. Furthermore, AI-DASH-PRO allows to generate an alarm, for example to drive a traffic light, when a threshold is exceeded.
? https://www.aitech.vision/en/products/ai-people/

⛔ AI-FACEDETECT-DEEP is the plugin for face analysis; completely based on deep learning both for face identification and for verifying the presence of the mask, AI-FACEDETECT-DEEP allows to identify the presence of faces, and generate an alarm if a face is covered (or if it is not covered) . In this way, it is possible to identify the presence of people who do not wear the mask.
? https://www.aitech.vision/en/products/ai-facedetect/

People counting through the gates (AI-PEOPLE and AI-DASH-PRO)
Social distance analysis (AI-CROWD-DEEP)
Crowd counting and overcrowd detection (AI-CROWD-DEEP)
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