AI-CROWD-DEEP finalist at Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2020

Proud to announce that our video analytics solution AI-CROWD-DEEP has been selected among the finalist at Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2020, in the category “Security Software Product Innovation of the Year“.

AI-CROWD-DEEP is the plugin powered by A.I. Tech, fully based on deep learning, able to monitor the people flow. In more details, it is able to:

  • estimate the number of people present inside an area;
  • generate an alarm in case of overcrowding situations;
  • generate an alarm in case of gathering detection (too many people close each other for a too long time);
  • generate an alarm in case the social distances are not respected;

It can work edge side (on board of specific models of cameras), but also server side, without requiring a GPU in case 5FPS are enough for the specific application at hands.
AI-CROWD-DEEP can be used both indoor and outdoor, thus it can be profitably used in several vertical markets, ranging from retail to transportation, from smart building to smart city.

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