Release 3.0.6: discover the news!!


The new version, 3.0.6, of the A.I. Tech plugins have been released, bringing several innovations, in terms of new features integrated into the products and new products. Let’s find out together.

New products:
AI-LPR-DEEP means the entering of A.I. Tech in a new market, with a license plate recognition system entirely based on deep learning that is now available (optimized for Italian license plates)
AI-INTRUSION-DEEP is the new deep learning-based system for intrusion detection. It can be used both in combination with traditional cameras and thermal cameras and is capable of distinguishing people from vehicles and animals.

New features and performance improvements:
AI-BIO-DEEP, the plugin for face analysis based on deep learning, now allows to detect both ethnicity and emotions of the persons, together with gender and age.
AI TRAFFIC integrates a new deep learning-based vehicle classification mechanism.
AI-RETAIL-DEEP and AI-TRAFFIC-DEEP integrate two new detectors based on deep learning, respectively for the detection of people and vehicles, optimized and improved in terms of accuracy and computational efficiency.

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