Cutting edge video analytics app for red light violation detection

A.I. Tech enriches its wide offer for smart cities with a new video analysis product, AI-VIOLATION. It is an innovative system, based on the most advanced deep learning algorithms, which allows the detection of red traffic light infractions, i.e. the detection of vehicles crossing the stop line with a red light.  

The app also allows identifying, for the vehicle performing this violation, the class to which the vehicle belongs (car, truck, motorcycle), estimate the average speed and the time calculate elapsed since the red was turned on. Vehicle detection and tracking are based on the use of deep neural networks, as well as the analysis of the status of the traffic light. In fact, the app can determine the state of the traffic light (red, yellow, green) automatically, with only artificial intelligence applied to the processing of the video stream captured by the camera, without requiring any physical connection with the traffic light.

AI-VIOLATION is a fundamental tool for understanding the roads in which such infringements occur and can reveal a useful suggestion for the public administration to determine the most suitable position in which to insert devices to be used for sanctioning purposes. Furthermore, AI-VIOLATION can also be considered as the ideal solution to be integrated into approved systems for sanctioning purposes.  

AI-VIOLATION will be available in the A.I. Tech price list starting from June, 1st 2021.  
To learn more about the product, a video is available at the following link:

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