AI-ACADEMY: the training course on the solutions of video analysis

Do you want to become an expert in A.I. Tech video analytics apps? From today it is possible, it is simple, and it is free.

The new technical portal of A.I. Tech consists of over 8 hours of video tutorials describing in details everything you need to know to successfully propose and install A.I. Tech solutions: from the designing to the installation phase of the apps on the various platforms available and up to the configuration and fine tuning phase on the field.

The course is organized in 9 lessons, each verticalized on a specific topic of interest.

The first lessons provide an introduction to the systems and fundamentals of video analysis:

  • LESSON 1 – Commercial training. The first necessary step concerns the knowledge of the solution of A.I. Tech. An overview of the entire A.I.Tech solution is provided: over 20 products and a dashboard. This lesson also provides some application examples and dashboards in action.
  • LESSON 2 – AI-Appliance and Server Manager. If you choose the server or embedded version of our applications (the one integrated into AI-APPLIANCE), you need to know the first steps required to activate the system and to use it.
  • LESSON 3 – The fundamentals of video analysis. Independently on the specific application, there are several aspects related to artificial intelligence and video analysis common to any algorithm (for example, the problems related to background management). The fundamentals of video analytics algorithms are covered in this lesson. In addition, further aspects relating to the mechanisms for configuring, activating the license, saving and exporting the configuration are presented.
  • LESSON 4 – Event Management. Over 20 mechanisms are available in each application to notify events to third-party systems: third-parties VMS, through proprietary protocols, but also event notification over standard protocols, such as FTP, HTTP, MQTT and many others . All the different possibilities and configuration modes are shown in this lesson.

In the second part of the course, from lessons 5 to 8, the specificities of the different vertical markets are analyzed, and the installation constraints and the different configurations of specific applications are then discussed.

In this lesson, we discuss the installation constraints and how to carry out the configuration for the A.I.Tech apps required for the safety of sensitive areas, from intrusion detection based on the use of deep neural networks (AI-INTRUSION) to the detection of anomalous behaviors such as abandoned and/or removed object (AI-LOST), fall detection (AI-SPILL), presence of people with faces not covered by a mask (AI-FACEDETECT). Finally, the lesson also shows how to set up smoke (AI-SMOKE) and flame (AI-FIRE) detection apps.

In this lesson, the A.I. Tech apps required to know the customers of your point of sale are presented: people counting through the gates (AI-PEOPLE), the estimation of the number of people moving in a given area (AI-CROWD), the detection of gatherings or situations in which the social distances are not respected (AI-CROWD-DEEP), the density estimation (AI-OCCUPANCY), the evaluation of the heatmap (AI-HEAT), and finally face analysis application, aimed at detecting gender, age, ethnicity and sentiment (AI-BIO).

In this lesson we discuss the installation constraints and how to configure AI-PARKING, the A.I.Tech solution for the intelligent management of parking lots and video surveillance of the same, allowing you to monitor the occupancy status of each place.

The lesson focuses on the products of A.I.Tech for monitoring vehicle flows (AI-ROAD3D) and detecting abnormal driving behavior (AI-INCIDENT). It also shows how to perform the configuration for products designed for the detection of vehicle license plates (AI-LPR-DEEP) and for the detection of red traffic lights infractions (AI-VIOLATION).

The last tutorial lesson is totally dedicated to our AI-DASH-PRO dashboard.

In this lesson the dashboard for managing the data of A.I.Tech apps is presented, showing the functions offered in the various versions available (ENTRY-BASIC- PROFESSIONAL- ENTERPRISE).

The AI-ACADEMY concludes with a section dedicated to WEBINARs, where the recent seminars organized by our team are reported, focusing on vertical markets or in collaboration with the technological partners of A.I.Tech.
Registration on the portal is free and is available at the following link:

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