A.I. Tech apps based on deep learning integrated on board of Wisenet AI cameras of Hanwha Techwin


Using modern Artificial Intelligence technologies, such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, is surely the future of Artificial Vision applications and products. Indeed, these technologies achieve high performance and also high capability to adapt to very challenging and different working conditions.

A.I. Tech has embarked right away on the development of products based on deep learning, and nowadays almost all the apps, more than 20, able to manage a huge variety of vertical markets, are based on such algorithms. Furthermore, from now, all the A.I. Tech apps support Wisenet 2MP AI cameras from Hanwha Techwin.

It therefore becomes possible to install A.I. Tech apps, based on best of breed deep learning algorithms, directly on the camera, without the need for an external server.

“It has been possible thanks to the combination of two factors, both decisive.” This is the comment by Alessia Saggese, sales director and co-owner of A.I. Tech, who continues: “On the one hand, the presence of a latest generation AI accelerator available on board the Wisenet AI cameras, designed for the execution of modern algorithms based on deep learning. On the other hand, the in-depth knowledge of the A.I. Tech team on the optimization of deep neural networks to allow their operation on embedded platforms, accompanied by a consolidated experience in porting applications on board of Hanwha Techwin camera processors, with which the A.I. Tech team has been working since 2015. “

“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to further strengthen our technology partnership with such a highly acclaimed specialist applications developer such as A.I. Tech “, said Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe. “Our technical colleagues have worked closely with the A.I. Tech team to ensure that our affordable 2MP Wisenet P series cameras allow end-users to take maximum advantage of the latest advances in AI technology. In this respect, we believe there are countless applications where the business intelligence captured with the assistance of the A.I. Tech Deep Learning AI, will ensure they offer a high return on investment, regardless of where they may be deployed”.

The video analytics apps supporting AI Wisenet cameras can be downloaded on the technical portal at the following link: https://help.aitech.vision/, after registration.

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