Workers safety first. A.I.Tech presents the AI-PPE app

Ensuring workers safe, both on construction sites and factories, requires the use of appropriate preventive measures aimed at risk reduction. It is the employer’s responsibility to guarantee that the necessary prevention and protection rules are respected and that the workers themselves contribute to their safety by wearing the equipments provided by the company.

A.I. Tech has an innovative solution to support companies, purposefully designed to help employers and workers to work in a safe environment.
AI-PPE is a video analytics application, based on the most advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, capable of detecting the presence of workers and rising alarms when they are not wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as protective helmets and safety jackets. For instance, AI-PPE can be used to notify the employees to wear helmets by turning on a safety light near the production line where they are working. The application can be also used to limit the access of safety critical working areas to the workers that are properly wearing the helmet and the safety jacket.

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