AI-PPE Finalist in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2022

For the 5th consecutive year, the video analytics solutions of A.I. Tech have been selected by Benchmark Magazine, the unquestioned reference magazine in the security market, as finalists of the Innovation Awards 2022, in the category “Analytics and software innovation“.

AI-PPE, a new product in the portfolio of A.I. Tech, has been selected as one of the finalist solutions for the year 2022. AI-PPE is based on the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to detect the presence of workers and rise an alarm in case at least one of them is not wearing the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as helmets and life jackets.

AI-PPE is the ideal video analytics application to guarantee worker safety in all the environments where it is mandatory to wear PPE.
Typical use contexts are public and private construction sites or industries, where wearing PPE is required by law.

In 2018 A.I. Tech won the award (thanks to the AI-RETAIL solution), and its solutions have always been among the finalists in the successive years (AI-PARKING in 2019, AI-DASH-PRO in 2020, AI-FACEDETECT in 2021 and This year AI-PPE).

To learn more about AI-PPE visit the solution page:

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