New Pricelist – January 2023


The new version of the A.I.Tech pricelist has been released, bringing several innovations, in terms of new features and new products. Let’s find out together.
In fact, many new functionalities and possibilities will be available:
•  AI-CROWD-DEEP, the solution for people analysis has been extended with new features. In the last version we have added behaviour analysis capabilities, the application is now able to detect loitering or people standing in an area for a configurable amount of time. AI-CROWD-DEEP can be also used for retail purposes being able to estimate the dwell time of one or more persons, the average occupation of an area and produce a heatmap.

•  The DASHBOARD of A.I. Tech is now available in three versions:

  • AI-DASH-EMBEDDED: all the analytics applications are delivered with a free built-in dashboard that allows to store the data generated by the application and visualise the data through a web interface, without the need to use external services.
  • AI-DASH: this is a web application designed to meet the needs of small installations. The dashboard can collect and aggregate data coming from several applications and devices, show it as charts or tables and manage different levels of access to the data according to the role of the specific user. Moreover, AI-DASH allows to customise the home page, export data in different formats (e.g. CSV) and send alarms and events to third-party systems that are already in the installation such as Video Management Systems (VMS). 
    AI-DASH includes the functionalites of SMART SURVEILLANCE and SMART ROOM verticals.
  • AI-DASH-PRO: is the professional version of AI-DASH that extends the latter with the functionalities required to manage large installations that may have devices deployed in different locations, like in case of shops located in different cities. AI-DASH-PRO allows users to retrieve the information from weather services and add it to charts; furthermore, the dashboard has an integrated calendar that can be used to annotate days with events like exhibitions or holidays and show them on charts. AI-DASH-PRO comes with advanced data visualization features like the heatmap to analyse, in real-time, the areas of a shop where people stay the longest. Finally, with AI-DASH-PRO it is possible to synchronize data in case of connection loss of a device, show devices on map, generate and send by email daily and weekly customizable reports, or using open web API to get query data from the dashboard. AI-DASH-PRO includes the functionalities of SMART PARKING e SMART STATION verticals.

The functionalities of AI-DASH can be further enhanced using the integrated video analytics services capable of extracting additional metadata from the images transmitted by the analytics applications to the dashboard. In particular:

  • AI-DASH-LPR-SERVICE in combination with AI-ROAD3D-DEEP or AI-TRAFFIC-DEEP allows it to recognize the plate of the vehicles that are detected by the applications and add this information to the metadata sent by them.
  • AI-DASH-CROWD-SERVICE in combination with AI-CROWD-DEEP allows it to extract additional information from people using body analysis, such as the gender, the colour of upper and lower body parts, the presence of hat or bags. The metadata extracted by the service is added to the that is provided by AI-CROWD-DEEP and can be used in reports, charts, tables and to query images and data.

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