The city of the future with AI-SMART-CITY

Do you need to simultaneously manage the various issues related to the monitoring and safety of vehicles and pedestrians in a smart city? From today it becomes possible thanks to the new cutting-edge video analysis app proposed by A.I. Tech on the market, AI-SMART-CITY, based on the most advanced artificial intelligence techniques.

Over twenty features are available, highly configurable, to generate alarms relating to potentially dangerous situations or to collect useful information to understand and therefore improve the city.

As for vehicles, the solution allows counting and classification of vehicles that pass through a virtual sensor in a given direction. There are five classes of vehicles detected: motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks as well as bicycles. AI-SMART-CITY also allows you to estimate the color and average speed of vehicles, generating an alarm in case this speed is higher (or lower) than a configurable threshold, determining the traffic density in real time and monitoring the vehicle flows via the origin-destination matrix. AI-SMART-CITY can also be used to detect dangerous behavior or anomalous situations on the road in real time, such as wrong-way vehicles, stationary vehicles, U-turns, pedestrians staying in prohibited areas, or congestions.
At the same time, AI-SMART-CITY allows to carry out advanced analysis on people’s behavior in both indoor and outdoor environments. The solution also allows to estimate the number of people present within one or more areas of interest and to count the people who crossing a virtual line. Furthermore, it is possible to generate an alarm in case of situations of overcrowding, gatherings of people, loitering or stopped people.

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