New Price List – March 2024

A.I. Tech has just updated its price list, enriched with new features and products. Let’s discover them together.

New advanced video analysis applications have been introduced:

  • AI-SMARTCITY, the new solution designed for cities that combines the features of AI-TRAFFIC-DEEP for vehicle monitoring and AI-CROWD-DEEP for people analysis, both for the collection of statistical data and for detecting potentially dangerous situations or behaviors.
  • AI-CROWD-COUNTING for estimating the number of people in very crowded situations or areas such as concerts, sporting events, and demonstrations. The application is able to estimate, with very high reliability, the number of people in one or more areas of interest.
  • AI-WEATHER, designed for road safety, is an application for real-time monitoring of both weather and visibility conditions and road surface conditions (dry, wet, flooded).
  • AI-RAIL, a solution designed for the safety of the railway line that allows detecting the presence of obstacles on the tracks, or the occupation of level crossings by vehicles or people.

AI-DASH, our interactive dashboard has been extended with a new dedicated matrix interface for real-time viewing and management of alarms and the new heatmap. The latter obtained by leveraging the advanced features of the AI-CROWD-DEEP application capable of providing, anonymously, the dwell time and movements of people within areas of interest. The new heatmap is much more accurate than the one obtained with the previous technology based only on pixel variation and is displayed on a 2D map of the environment.

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