A.I. Tech’s video analysis applications are designed using an innovative and flexible software architecture that supports over 30 different hardware platforms. This allows us to offer you the choice of the most suitable solution for your needs, both for new generation systems and for revamping existing systems.

All our applications can be run on board of modern cameras, on small embedded systems that can be easily installed in your system, or on dedicated servers tailored to your needs. Finally, many of them are also available as cloud-based services. Do not limit yourself to choosing a single hardware solution, with our applications you can imagine more complex architectures in which the processing of the video stream is distributed among the cameras, servers or embedded systems local to your system or even on the cloud.

A.I. Tech offers you all the flexibility you need to define together the hardware and software solution that best suits your needs.


Using an edge solution means running A.I. Tech applications directly on board of the camera. This allows you to take advantage of the processing power of modern cameras, such as those equipped with accelerators for running deep neural networks, to perform video analysis without the need to purchase a dedicated server.

This can be the ideal solution if you need to build a new system or upgrade an existing one, but do not want to bear the costs of buying and managing a dedicated video analysis server. Remember that if you have a lot of cameras you can use the existing integration with third party systems or our AI-DashPRO dashboard to collect and manage all the notifications generated by the applications.

Our applications can be installed on cameras from all major manufacturers worldwide. To see the complete list of supported cameras we invite you to visit our technical portal at this link.


Using an embedded solution means running our applications on small, specially designed, configured and optimised systems that can be easily installed in your facility. For more details we invite you to discover our AI-Appliance and AI-Appliance Deep embedded solutions, which you can find at this link.

This solution is perfect when you have an existing small to medium sized installation, perhaps connected to an NVR (Network Video Recorder), and you do not intend to replace the cameras, but still want to upgrade your existing system by using our video analytics solutions. Unlike the server solution, which requires the purchase and management of dedicated servers for video analysis, this is the ideal solution when you have few cameras and want to make a limited investment, or if you have constraints that do not allow the installation of servers such as installations in street cabinets or on poles directly next to the cameras.


Using a server solution means running our applications on servers or workstations specifically configured for the type of analysis you need. Thanks to our on-line design tool, AI-Designer, you will be able to get immediate and intuitive guidelines for the proper sizing of your server. To access AI-Designer go to the following link.

This solution can be used both on existing installations and in combination with edge and embedded solutions and allows you to avoid limits on the number of cameras to be analysed. In fact, it is particularly recommended for medium and large installations.


Using a cloud solution means having access to our AI-VaS (Video analysis as a Service) services that provide a subset of the functionality provided by our applications directly on the cloud. All the information extracted from the services will be available on AI-DashPRO, once again directly on the cloud managed by A.I. Tech.

This solution is particularly recommended when you have an existing installation, you need to activate the services quickly or perhaps keep them active only for a limited period of time, and you don’t want to upgrade cameras or buy additional hardware to use video analytics. In addition, you have the great advantage that you don’t have to worry about keeping your software up to date, as the latest version of the algorithms will be available on the cloud at all times.

For more details on VaS services, please visit the VaS services page at this link.