AI-Retail: 5 plugins on board of cameras


3 video analysis plugins simultaneously on  board are not enough. 

A.I. Tech decide to overcome all the limits and to arrive up to 5!


AI-Retail is the integrated video analysis solution provided by A.I. Tech which allows to improve the selling performance of your business activity: “If you can not measure it, you can not manage it“.

AI-Retail integrated 5 different video analysis modules, able to simultaneously work directly on board of cameras, thought for managing all the possible counting issues that can happen inside a selling activity, and 1 interactive dashboard for the business intelligence allows to have just a click away the statistical data related to the flow and to the staying of the customers.

  • AI-People: conteggio delle persone che transitano ai varchi
  • AI-Crowd:  stima del numero di persone in una area, anche in caso di grande affollamento
  • AI-Overcrowd:  stima del sovraffollamento in una area di interesse
  • AI-Heat:  rilevamento delle aree calde e delle aree fredde
  • AI-Occupancy:  valutazione del livello di occupazione di una area di interesse
  • AI-Dash: cruscotto interattivo per l’analisi dei dati


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