New releases for the AI. Tech team: the Dashboard is now integrated on board of the camera.

Do you want to evaluate the performance of your selling are but without installing any external server? A.I. Tech has the answer to your needs!

The products in a “Dash” version (AI-People, AI-Crowd e AI-Occupancy) allow indeed to manage the data collected directly on board of the camera.

So.. what do you need? A camera, able to host third part software, an SD card and the A.I. Tech plugin in a “Dash” version (AI-PeopleDash, AI-CrowdDash and AI-OccupancyDash)!

The data related to the flow in your shopping center or the percentage of occupancy in an area of interest will be stored directly in the SD card of your camera and can be visualized by a web browser, both in tabular and graphical form.

The video analysis has never been so simple and so effective!


Only with A.I. Tech… THINGS NEVER SEEN!

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