A.I. Tech for banking security


Do you want to secure your bank? 

A.I. Tech has the video analysis solution that fits your needs:



AI-ATM it is the video analysis module designed for detecting  abnormal situations in front of an ATM. Could be situation of overcrowding or the presence of a person for a period of time too long.

AI-PANIC is the video analysis module designed for detecting suspicious behaviours of persons that change instantly their movement speed (for example after a bag-snatch or after damaging an ATM).



AI-ATM: for the proper use of AI-ATM modules it’s required to use a camera mounted in a zenith position, relative to the area to be framed at a height between 3 and 5 meters. The less is the effect of perspective the higher the precision of the localization will be. The precision is maximum in the ideal case where people are recorded from the top. The plugin is available in the edge version (can be installed directly on camera, without needing the external server ), in the server version and also in the embedded version (as integrated hardware-software solution).

AI-PANIC: AI-Panic it’s designed to detect anomalies using a context camera mounted on the wall near ATMs.  The plugin is available in the server version and   embedded version (as integrated hardware-software solution).

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