A.I. TECH releseas AI-DASH-PRO

AI-DASH-PRO: the integrated dashboard for having all your data always a click away

The video analysis solution for retail, security and smart city of A.I. Tech is not definitively more powerful. AI-DASH-PRO is the new product just released by A.I. Tech team, the new web application that allows to collect in a single intelligent dashboard all the data generated within a sales area. And not only within a sales area.

“Not only” for two main reasons. First of all, the dashboard is a solution able to collect data coming from heterogeneous sensors: not only cameras equipped with intelligent video analysis plugins, but much more. Indeed, AI-DASH-PRO allows the user to correlate the data related to the turnout and the type of customers that moves inside a store (extracted from the solution for the retail of AI Tech) with the data of the Point of Sales (POS) or with weather data. Much more than video analysis.

Multi-tenant architecture, with three levels of users; visualisation of customizable graphs in terms of type, time interval and time resolution; customisable home page, so as to have in real time the only information that is considered most appropriate and useful for improving your business; export of data collected in standard formats (csv, jpeg, pdf), with the possibility of sending configurable periodic reports; conversion rate calculation, so as to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales area; possibility to compare data collected in several locations or at the same location but in different time intervals; display of the devices on the map, for an easy consultation of the charts associated with each specific device.

AI-DASH-PRO is not just retail and business intelligence. The new dash powered by A.I.Tech is in fact designed to manage all video analysis plugins, and not just those for retail vertical market. AI-DASH-PRO is the dashboard for security and smart cities, thanks to the ability to view not only the graphics but also the sequence of images associated with the event of interest (such as an intrusion, a fire or the presence of a vehicle in the wrong direction). AI-DASH-PRO also allows you to identify complex events characterized by the sequence of simple events (for example, a vehicle stopping in a parking area, a person leaving the vehicle and abandoning waste, or setting a fire to the already existing waste). Third-party LPR systems are also integrated into AI-DASH-PRO. To find out more, visit the following link.

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