A.I. Tech sets the Benchmark Innovation Award 2018


A.I. Tech technologies have been awarded by the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2018. AI-Retail, the integrated video analytics solution for business intelligence and store optimization, is the winner for the Business Intelligence category.

The prize has been awarded by Benchmark Magazine, the leading magazine for the industry and the security market, and is one of the most important awards of the security sector.

“Excellence in research, care for details and a great experience have enabled us to reach this milestone. AI-Retail, as well as other video analytics solutions powered by A.I. Tech, are the result of a team of experts in the field of computer vision and pattern recognition, internationally recognised, and led by a brilliant mind. We are proud to be awarder with this achievement, which will open us new and exciting opportunities.” This is how the sales direction from the Salerno headquarter follows.

Let’s find out more. AI-Retail helps retailers to know the customers populating the business activity: what about the number of customers during the last year? What about the day of the years with the highest number of people? What is the most interesting point of the shop for the customers? What about the most interesting product in a given area? How many men, how many women have entered? Are the adult attracted by that part of the business activity? How many time is spent by the persons in front of the shelf, in front of the window or in front of the monitor showing advertising contents? And how long did people have to wait on average at the checkout for paying?

These are just some of the questions that A.I. Tech products can answer. All of them, thanks to a software that can run directly on-board of the camera, without any need for an external image processing server. External Server becomes unnecessary not only to process, but at the same time for storing and displaying data. In fact, data could be also stored directly on board the SD card of the camera. In the IoT era, A.I.Tech’s solutions transform the camera into an intelligent device, capable not only of performing on-board processing, transforming the camera into a sensor, but also the management and display of data by the user.


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