The new version of AI-SPILL, the video analysis plugin from A.I. Tech for detecting falls, has been just released. It’s called AI-SPILL-DEEP and it is based on best-of-breed deep learning algorithms for the recognition of people on the ground. AI-SPILL-DEEP joins the DEEP VISION product line, already composed of 7 different plugins and recently enriched with the introduction of AI-CROWD-DEEP, the plugin for crowds analysis.  

AI-SPILL-DEEP can be used in the hospitals or in the care homes, in order to detect the falling of the patients; in private homes inhabited by elderly or disabled persons, in order to allow immediate intervention by family members; in the schools, for student protection, and for detecting falls in corridors and unattended environments. In general, its use is extremely useful in any public or private environment, where it is necessary to protect people, detecting the falls in real-time and alerting the staff responsible for immediate rescue.

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