AI-DASH-PRO increasingly OPEN

AI-DASH-PRO, the dashboard powered by A.I. Tech for the management and the visualisation of events, from today it is even more OPEN. Thanks to the new features introduced in the version 1.14, AI-DASH-PRO allows you to integrate not only data coming from video analysis plugins from A.I. Tech, weather and POS data, but also from any type of sensors that uses HTTP / REST or MQTT protocols, which has become the standard protocol used in IoT.

Let's find out these features in more detail:
Open REST API: in addition to the types of events sent by our video analysis plugins (now more than 20), it is now possible to configure new types of events that the dashboard can receive. The format of these events is based on the HTTP / JSON protocol and it is possible to configure the specific type of metadata to be sent in the dashboard. This new feature allows full interoperability of the dashboard not only in the output, through the forwarding of alarms to third-party systems, but also in the input, in order to allow an increasingly integrated and interoperable with other systems.

integration with MQTT: in addition to supporting the HTTP protocol, any type of IoT sensor capable of transmitting data on the MQTT protocol can be integrated. In particular, the dashboard can be configured so as to receive events from MQTT brokers as a subscriber. There are no any limits to the number of topics and the number of brokers that can be configured.

You can now request access to the demo area, you could be the first to discover these new features!

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