AI-DASH-PRO finalist in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2020

Another award for the A.I. Tech team. Indeed, for the third consecutive year, one of the products of the italian team has been selected among the finalists within the Benchmark Innovation Award 2020, in the Business Intelligence category. This is the turn of AI-DASH-PRO, the integrated dashboard for the management of heterogeneous events.
Here some more information:

AI-DASH-PRO is the integrated dashboard that allows the management of heterogeneous events, such as statistical and alarmistic events generated by video analysis sensors, but at the same time also data related to the calendar (events of particular interest that occur in a certain time), data extracted from POS systems (relating to the receipts issued in a sales area), but also to systems that provide meteorological information.

More generally, AI-DASH-PRO, thanks to the possibility of integrating any type of event, through the use of standard protocols such as HTTP and MQTT (it has become the standard for IoT sensors), has established itself on the market as a dashboard for integrated management in several vertical markets: retail and business intelligence, but also security, smart parking and smart cities.

The collected data can be viewed through a simple and intuitive web interface, such as to support the operator in analyzing the data and therefore in the decision-making process.

AI-DASH-PRO allows you to perform many operations with data beyond simple storage. In fact, it allows the aggregation of these on the basis of rules that can be dynamically defined in the configuration phase by the operator, the display through a multitude of different graphs, to be chosen based on specific needs. It also allows you to notify alarms to third-party systems, to view devices on maps and reports that can be sent automatically and periodically via e-mail, in order to conveniently have a pdf file containing all information in your inbox.

Everything the operator needs for data analysis in a single integrated dashboard, AI-DASH-PRO.

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