Re-imagining Retail in the New Normal

The new world of retail – how can retailers adapt and increase health and safety, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction?
The corona virus pandemic has dramatically impacted the retail sector over the past months. Shopping preferences have shifted further from in-store to online and click-and-collect, while in-store experiences are heavily influenced by a store’s ability to ensure social distancing can be adhered to. Retailers have to follow and implement stringent new safety measures to ensure both employees and customers are protected.  

This webinar will look at challenges and opportunities for retailers to embrace the new normal and the solutions available.  

How can the safety of staff and customers be ensured at all times while also maximizing the in-store customer experience to encourage in-store shopping?  

Join us for an interactive session in which Milestone experts are showing solutions available for retailers to address these new challenges.  

Below are some of the areas we’ll be looking at during the webinar:  
People Counting  
Ensuring no area is crowded at all times is key – from alerts signaling areas are too crowded to understanding the most popular goods, crowd counting can help with an even flow throughout the store.  

Queue Prediction and Detection  
Understanding queues inside and outside is becoming even more important and can significantly increase the customer experience by ensuring employees and shoppers feel safe at all times.  

Occupancy Rate  
Restrictions are in place in most countries to ensure retailers only allow a specific amount of shoppers into their stores at any time, yet the manual counting is labor intensive and expensive.  

Social Distancing  
Keeping a certain distance in any public space is predicted to remain in place for months to come – ensuring employees and shoppers are able to adhere to these measurements is key to ensure your store remains as safe as possible.

Register at the following link:

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