The new integrated video analysis solution for monitoring people, both indoors and outdoors. It’s called AI-RETAIL-DEEP, and it is the solution based on the most advanced deep learning algorithms designed to date by the A.I.Tech team. Able to work both on machines equipped with CPU and on GPU (in case a frame rate higher than 5fps is required), AI-RETAIL-DEEP integrates a multitude of features that make the product successfully usable both in outdoor environments (for example for applications smart cities) and in indoor environments (for example in retail and transportation markets).
AI-RETAIL-DEEP in fact allows to:
– estimate the number of people present inside an area;
– generate an alarm in case of overcrowding situations;
– generate an alarm in case of gathering detection (too many people close each other for a too long time);
– generate an alarm in case the social distances are not respected;
– carry out the counting of people by verifying the crossing of a line by a person, with camera installed not with a zenithal view (such as traditional people counting systems);
– evaluate the percentage of occupation inside an area; generate an alarm where the percentage of occupation is higher than a certain threshold.
The AI-CROWD-DEEP, AI-OCCUPANCY, AI-OVEROCCUPANCY plugins, together with a new module for counting people, come together in a single video analysis bundle, which allows you to generate a multitude of extremely useful data. Both for statistical and for alarmist purposes. The integrated solution for the analysis of the people you were looking for, AI-RETAIL-DEEP, will be available in the A.I. Tech price list from 1st September 2020.

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