Release 3.0.5: find out what’s new!

The month of August opens with a lot of interesting news. The new version of the video analytics plugins, in the version 3.0.5, is now available.

Let’s find out in detail the new features introduced in this release:

✔️ AI-CROWD-DEEP, the plugin of the DEEP VISION products line, completely based on deep learning, that allows to estimate the number of people inside an area, even in very crowded situations or in conditions in which the camera is moving, from today has an additional functionality; it is indeed related to the gathering detection. If there are too many people close to each other, then an alarm will be generated. This feature enriches AI-CROWD-DEEP, which already included the crowd estimation, overcrowd detection and social distance analysis.
Find out more about AI-CROWD-DEEP:

✔️ An even more performing and at the same time efficient classification mechanism is now available in the AI-FIRE-DEEP and AI-SMOKE-DEEP plugins, in charge of detecting flames and smoke respectively.
Find out more about AI-FIRE-DEEP:

Find out more about AI-SMOKE-DEEP:

✔️ A new mechanism for face detection, based entirely on deep learning algorithms, is now available in the AI-BIO-DEEP plugin. This allows you to identify a face even if not in front of the camera, thus making the product more powerful than ever.
Find out more about AI-BIO-DEEP:

✔️ In case it is required to evaluate the distance between objects (such as for AI-ROAD3D(-DEEP), AI-INCIDENT(-DEEP), AI-TRAFFIC(-DEEP) and AI-CROWD-DEEP products, it is necessary to provide a mechanism for camera calibration, allowing to reason in a three-dimensional space. A new mechanism for 3D calibration has been introduced in this version, which allows to have visual feedback on the procedure performed, immediately detecting any errors made during the configuration procedure.
Find out more about AI-TRAFFIC-(DEEP):

Find out more about AI-CROWD-DEEP:

✔️ A new watchdog mechanism is now available for the AI-APPLIANCE integrated system, and therefore for all plugins in the embedded version. It allows to monitor the vitality of the device. In case of anomalies or malfunctions of the system, in fact, a “low signal” is sent to the digital output of the device, which remains in this way until the correct restart of the AI-APPLIANCE.

✔️ Integration is the keyword! All the plugins are now integrated into two VMSs, world leaders in their reference sectors: Wavestore and Seetec.
To learn more about the integration with the Wavestore VMS:

To learn more about integration with the Seetec VMS:

✔️ Remote license activation: the license activation mechanism now becomes automatic! In fact, during the purchase phase, you will receive a file containing a serial code from the distributor where you made the purchase. You can simply use this code to automatically perform the license activation procedure for the specific plugin you have purchased. This is thanks to the introduction, for our distribution partners and for our technology partners, of a new portal for the generation of licenses, AI-LICENSING-2.0. Save your time, save your money!  

✔️ Internationalization: after adding support for the Italian, English, French and Spanish languages, from today the Portuguese language is also included in the list of the languages supported by our video analytics plugins.

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