A.I. Tech take part at Dahua Technology Partner Day 2020


1 December 2020
After the success of the Partner Day 2019 in Madrid, the A.I. Tech participates in Dahua Technology Partner Day 2020.
A unique moment to discover solution advanced intelligent video by A.I. Tech based on the most modern deep learning technologies, integrated on the Dahua platform, for the management of smart cities, through the monitoring of vehicular, pedestrian and parking traffic.
In particular, the plugins will be presented:
the plugin for the analysis of pedestrian flows, which thanks to the use of deep neural networks, allows to estimate the number of people present in an area, the social distances, i.e. the distances between the people present in the scene, generating an alarm when the detected distance between two people is less than the minimum allowed distance for a certain amount of time.

the bundle for traffic monitoring as a solution for smart roads and smart cities.
Thanks to advanced algorithms, on the use of deep neural networks, it can be used to extract statistical and alarm information relating to vehicles crowding the roads.

the video analytic solution for, perimeter and non-perimeter, parking areas monitoring. It assesses whether a space is free or occupied, thanks to the use of advanced algorithms for detection and classification of vehicles based on deep networks.

To register for the event, contact our team at: info@aitech.vision

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