A.I. Tech video analytics applications are now compatible with Wisenet 7 cameras.


Porting completed in record time for the A.I. Tech team; indeed, more than 20 video analytics applications of the Italian’s team are now available over all the Hanwha Techwin cameras equipped with a Wisenet7 processor.

Two key factors: on the one hand, the consolidated partnership between the two companies, which led the A.I. Tech team to have a huge experience in developing applications based on Hanwha Techwin chipsets; the applications of A.I. Tech already supported the previous Wisenet cameras, based on Wisenet 3 and Wisenet 5 processors.

On the other hand, the use in the applications of A.I. Tech of the concept of virtual machine coding, which aims to make the application independent of the machine; this guarantees greater efficiency and reliability of the applications. In fact, considering a generic product among those in the portfolio products of A.I. Tech, there are different versions: one for server, another one for the embedded platform, and a different one for each of the different families of cameras on which they are to be installed. Virtual code technology allows to have a single implementation for all the versions, through the adoption of a sort of a virtual machine, suitably designed. Therefore every update implemented on one version is immediately transferred to all the others. A product now widely tested like those of A.I. Tech, when released on a new platform, inherits and brings with it the advantage of having been tried and used for years.

Another very important aspect is efficiency; since a product is made only once but is directly cross-platform. A.I. Tech focuses all the resources needed to massively optimize the code, and so the products are faster than ever and more accurate than ever.

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