AI-DESIGNER, the site planning powered by A.I. Tech now also supports indoor environments

New features are now available for the AI-DESIGNER tool, the web portal powered by A.I. Tech to support its partners and customers during the designing phase of systems requiring the use of video analytics solutions.

📌The support for the designing of indoor installations have been now added: it is possible to load a map (a pdf file or an image) and to define, using a ruler, the scale of this map. It, therefore, becomes very easy to locate the cameras on the map and view the cone, once the position and the specific plugin have been chosen.

📌Logo customization on the report: in the export pdf containing the project, it is possible to add the logo of the company that carried out the project, as well as that of A.I. Tech of course.

📌Predefined cameras: in addition to the possibility of loading a specific camera, 100 cameras are now already pre-loaded in the portal. In particular, the cameras of some of the main partners of A.I. Tech, including Hanwha Techwin, Mobotix and Panasonic.

📌Server sizing: if the chosen solution is server-based, it becomes possible in AI-DESIGNER to automatically calculate the specifications of the necessary hardware, both for the applications and for the dashboard, and to export a pdf report.

Request access to the portal, it’s free for our customers and our partners!

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