The integrated solution for the Digital Signage

Are you tired of the monitors that show the same uninteresting advertisings? Are you interested in proposing customized advertisings to your customers who are watching the monitor?  

A.I. Tech has the solution for you! AI-APPLIANCE-DIGITAL-SIGNAGE (shortly AI-APPLIANCE-DS) that allows to maximize the impact of your advertising campaigns according to the customer who is watching the monitor.  

AI-APPLIANCE-DS includes a small box equipped with GPU that process in real time the video stream that comes from a camera installed near the monitor; it can process the video stream captured by camera by using the video analytic app AI-BIO and it can analyse the faces in real time thanks to the use of advanced algorithms of artificial intelligence to detect biometrics such as gender, age and ethnicity. Thanks to the engine AI-DITIGITALSIGNAGE, already preinstalled in the box, that information will be used for customizing the advertising contents shown on the monitor.  

The solution can be used successfully in showrooms, museums, stations, airports, or in all those situations in which there are monitors that show advertising contents.  For more information:

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