AI-APPLIANCE: the integrated solution for video analysis

One of the most important choices designing an intelligent system that requires the use of video analysis apps concerns the hardware platform on which install these apps: on board of smart camera (of latest generation, typically equipped with an accelerator) or on board of the server (perhaps equipped with GPU, large enough to involve on average costs and energy consumption not negligible).

A.I. Tech proposes an intermediate solution, based on an embedded platform equipped with low consumption GPU which combines the versatility and scalability of a server-based system with the flexibility and consumption of an on-board solution. The solution is AI-APPLIANCE, a small box measuring only 88 mm x 75 mm x 49 mm powered by 12V, now available in two versions, to make the solution ever more flexible: MEDIUM (AI-APPLIANCE-M) and LARGE (AI-APPLIANCE-L).

This strategy allows you to compose the solution and optimize the available hardware, based on your specific needs, and therefore based on the specific apps that you need to use. For example, it is possible to activate up to 2 licenses of the AI-RETAIL-DEEP app (for people counting, for crowd and overcrowd estimation, for the detection of situations in which social distancing is not respected) on an AI-APPLIANCE-M, and up to 5 on one AI-APPLIANCE-L.  At the same time, on the same hardware platform, it is possible to activate up to 16 licenses of the AI-INTRUSION app (for intrusion detection) on an AI-APPLIANCE-M, and up to 32 on an AI-APPLIANCE-L.

In which areas can apps be used?
Thanks to over 20 video analysis apps, there are a lot of vertical markets in which the AI-APPLIANCE can be used successfully.

The apps allow selective intrusion detection, distinguishing people, animals, and vehicles, as well as alarm situations for flooding, flames, and smoke.

They can also be used to determine abnormal behaviours, such as abandoned baggage or garbage, wandering, falling to the ground, outbreak of panic situation, disrespect of social distancing, the presence of people who do not wear PPE such as a mask or helmet and protective vest.  

There are a lot of A.I. Tech’s apps for vehicle monitoring, so important in a modern smart city: the apps for intelligent traffic monitoring through 3D detection of pedestrians and vehicles, with their complete identification by reading the license plates, classification in categories, characterisation of the motion by speed estimation, assessment of occupancy density in lanes. A.I. Tech’s apps also allow the detection of abnormal situations, such as queues, road infractions such as passage with red light or crossing a roadway in the wrong direction, presence of pedestrian or stopped vehicles in prohibited areas.

It is possible to manage equipped parking areas, perimeter and not, through the analysis of the entrance with the apps for counting and classification of vehicles or license plates reading systems at the gates, as well as through the analysis of individual parking spaces and the identification in real time of available and occupied spots.

The apps allow to monitor your point of sale, through the counting of people at the gates, the estimation of the crowd occupying an area, the heatmap, ad well as biometric characterization of people in the area, through the detection of gender, ethnicity and emotion and the estimation of the age.
The solution is completed with a dashboard, which allows you to recollect data from heterogeneous sensors (including video analytics apps), aggregate them and allows the user to view and manage all data, through an intuitive interface, user friendly and fully customizable.

Combining an artificial intelligence-based face analysis app with a web advertising content management app, the solution allows you to customize the advertising content shown on the monitor based on the person who is in front of it.

A.I. Tech is an Italian company designing and developing cutting-edge video analytic solutions based on best-of-breed artificial vision and artificial intelligence technologies. Thanks to the more than 20 video analysis apps available, A.I. Tech solutions can be used successfully in a wide range of vertical markets such as smart video surveillance, retail, business intelligence, digital signage, smart road, smart parking, smart city, smart hospital.

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