A.I. Tech in Barcelona during the Smart City expo

Do you want to discover how to make your city “smart”? Visit A.I.Tech‘s pod at Milestone‘s stand, Gran Via, Hall 2, Level 0, Street C, Stand 161 during the SMART CITY expo in Barcelona, from 15 to 17 November.

A.I. Tech will present its advanced video analytics solutions for mobility based on deep learning, fully integrated with Milestone’s XProtect VMS both for event and metadata search. A.I.Tech is able to meet the needs of modern smart cities thanks to the multiple functionalities offered by its video analytics applications:  

  • AI-TRAFFIC-DEEP that allows to count and classify vehicles among cars, trucks and motorbikes; it also makes possible to detect dangerous behaviors such as pedestrians walking in forbidden areas, vehicles stopped on the road or congestion
  • AI-VIOLATION detects vehicles running the red light
  • AI-CROWD-DEEP can estimate the number of people in an area, analyze their behavior and detect abnormal ones of both individuals (e.g. loitering or stop person) and groups (e.g. gatherings)
  • AI-FIRE and AI-SMOKE allow to early detect fires in public areas
  • AI-FLOOD allows the detection of flooding on roads
  • AI-PARKING is the best solution to manage parking areas by monitoring the status of each spot and helping people in find vacancies

All these functionalities can be combined and enriched using AI-DASH, A.I.Tech’s web application to collect and aggregate data from video analytics apps and IoT devices installed in the city, having all the information a click away.

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