Origin-Destination Matrix and Detection of Abnormal Behaviours on the Road. The new features of traffic monitoring analytics

A.I. Tech has extended its portfolio of solutions for traffic monitoring with new features, enhancing AI-TRAFFIC, AI-INCIDENT and AI-ROAD3D.  

In AI-ROAD3D is finally available the “origin-destination matrix“, an advanced feature to obtain information on the origin and the destination of vehicles inside roundabouts or intersections, thus allowing to analyze and optimize the vehicular flow in cities.  

The origin-destination matrix provides fundamental information for the planning and management of urban and extra-urban transport.

In AI-INCIDENT new features are available to detect lane change and U-Turn and anomalous behaviours on the road.  The functionalities of both products are also available in the AI-TRAFFIC solution.  A step towards an integrated and definitive solution for traffic monitoring in urban and suburban areas

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