View the trajectory of intruders on a virtual map of the environment with AI-INTRUSION

The anti-intrusion solution of A.I. Tech now offers a new and enhanced view.
We are used to visualize and track intruders using the images provided by cameras only; however, if we need to monitor wide spaces, often covered by a large number of cameras, a human operator can struggle to remember the position of each camera in the monitored environment in order to alert private security or the police.

Instead, we don’t need to know in which camera an intruder is, but where the he/she is in the environment, and without the need to memorize the environment. In order to meet this need, AI-INTRUSION now offers a new feature: a map view to easily follow the intruder’s position and trajectory in real-time, regardless of the camera viewing it and the number of intruders in the environment.

This is a new feature, free of charges, included with the server and embedded version of AI-INTRUSION and can be easily configured through a simple and intuitive calibration procedure. Indeed, it is sufficient to identify 4 points in the image, and the corresponding points on the map. AI-INTRUSION will able to identify and transpose the trajectory drawn by the moving object in the image to a trajectory on the map, in the real world, thanks to self-learning mechanisms.  

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