How can I manage the alarms generated by A.I. Tech apps?

There are over 20 mechanisms integrated into A.I.Tech video analytics apps that can be used to notify alarms, including standard protocols (such as, by way of example, HTTP, SMTP, FTP) and VMS or in general third party systems.

Now a new mechanism is available, that allows to control digital inputs / outputs. This is accomplished via a new hardware device from A.I. Tech, AI-USB-RELAYS, which is connected to the USB port of any hardware device on which the A.I. Tech are running (server or embedded versions, integrated in the AI-APPLIANCE) allows to drive or read a TTL contact on the General Purpose I/O of the device itself.

Actually AI-USB-RELAYS allows you to do much more. In fact, in addition to being controllable on an alarm basis, the device allows dynamic activation and deactivation of the video analysis apps, based on events which, by closing the device contact, occur outside the application itself. For example, I can connect the video analysis apps “physically” (through this device) and activate the AI-INTRUSION app, for intrusion detection, only when the alarm control unit is activated.

The device is only 7.5 x 3 centimeters large and contains 8 different contacts that can be controlled via all A.I. Tech applications. It is integrated in all apps, starting from version 3.2.

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