Join the A.I. Tech team at the SMART CITY EXPO WORLD CONGRESS in Barcelona from 7 to 9 November 2023

AI is having a great impact for smart city, as it contributes to improving the efficiency, sustainability, safety and quality of life of citizens in urban centers. The video analytics applications that A.I. Tech designed to meet the needs of cities can play a central role in achieving these objectives: monitoring of people and vehicles, aimed at detecting anomalous behavior or analyzing the statistical data collected; detection of poor visibility conditions or flooded roads; detection of abandoned garbage on the roadside rather than fires near rubbish bins or in public parks. An integrated solution, therefore, that of A.I. Tech that allows you to simultaneously manage vehicles, pedestrians and the environment.

Let’s discover some of the benefits that the advanced solutions of A.I. Tech can bring to a city:
• Improved operational efficiency: AI algorithms can optimize the allocation of resources, such as vehicular traffic, public lighting and waste management, reducing operational costs and improving the overall efficiency of the city.
• Traffic management: AI can be used to monitor traffic in real-time, perhaps adjusting traffic lights based on current traffic conditions. This reduces travel times, pollution and improves mobility.
• Reduction of energy consumption: AI systems can optimize the use of electricity, enabling the reduction of consumption and carbon emissions through the intelligent management of lighting, heating and cooling.
• Public safety: AI can be used for automatic detection of emergency and dangerous situations, such as traffic accidents, floods or suspicious activities, allowing for faster response and greater safety for citizens.

To find out more, visit our team at the following stands:
• B43, hall. 1, together with our partners PNY and NVIDIA
• B51, hall. 2 in the ITA pavilion

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